How much are you familiar with personal development? If you don’t this article will help you to know where you lie in your personal development of yours. This will help you to level up your personal development, or specifically the areas you want to focus on. Personally, it is the Personal development journey that you follow to reach your goal. By setting aside some time you will see drastic changes in your career and you will see an enhancement in your productivity.


Personal Development is a way to routine/process to work on yourself to get what you want exactly in your life, to get whatever you visualize in your mind. The only way to accomplish your goals is through personal development. A key process to living a healthy life is personal development. It is a long-lasting process that keeps going throughout my whole life. Personal development is a continuous process. No matter how much you have accomplished in your life there will be always room to work on yourself. With Personal development, people get to know what exactly they want in their life and how to achieve them.  Though early life plays a mandatory role in your development but later following healthy habits will polish you. Personal development must not stop later in life. Personal development is like investing in yourself. Personal development always affects your life positively. No matter from which area of life you belong you can develop yourself. It is not similar for everyone, as everyone is not going through the same phase in their life. Everyone’s problems, solutions, needs, expectations, their goals differ from one another. It doesn’t mean doing the best in your career but also every feature of your life.


  •  It is to broaden your perspective of whatever you are doing in your life, you began to think to widen.
  • It helps you to be more organized. Once you visualize what you want it helps you to create a plan and by working on it you can accomplish your goals.
  • It makes you punctual and more disciplined.
  • The biggest factor is it never lets you betray. A person who practiced personal development never gets off track.
  •  It improves the mood and you get pleased once the work is done.
  •  It improves mental strength and helps you to stay motivated for the tasks.
  • It helps to be more aware of yourself.
  • You are more skilled than before.


There are some steps which you follow for personal development

KNOW WHERE YOU WANT IMPROVEMENT. You should know the areas where you want improvement. Accepting your weakness is the other major step towards your improvement. If you don’t know and can’t accept your weakness you can never work on your weakness. Self-awareness plays an important role in knowing your strength and weak areas. It also you to focus on your thoughts and helps you to get to know what you think about yourself. Journaling your thoughts can also help you in self-awareness. You can ask your fellows for feedback about your strong areas and weak areas.

FIND A WAY THAT WORKS FOR YOU. The second major step in personal development is having enough knowledge to work on them. If you don’t know what exactly you are going to do to achieve your desired results you can never match that level of your results. Give some time to yourself and start searching for your problems. Once you are satisfied with your searches. Summarize them and pick the best that works for you. Without knowledge, you can never work on it so having enough knowledge is important.

PLAN.  The third major step in personal development is planning the areas where you want to focus and improve. Those areas which are weak i.e., some people face trouble while communicating because they are shy they can plan on improving their communication skills by following tips you can polish your weakness to meet your goals. It could be you mentally and physically spiritually or any leadership skills you want to achieve. Keep in mind your strengths and weaknesses. Planning can be long-term and short-term. In the long term, you will write your actual goals which you will further split to make your short-term goals. This is going to help you in changing behavior, once you learn to shift your behavior you can achieve anything in your life. Make realistic goals that are achievable otherwise you will lose motivation for further goals. The three major steps are:

  • Set your goals
  • Prioritize your goals
  • Set deadline (It could be years for long-term goals)

PRACTICE.  Practicing your goalsis the most crucial step in personal development. It includes implementing all the plans you have made. Remember, you are what you do not what you think. Start by doing it taking small steps and continue to do it unless you see some results. The first step is always difficult. You can add that particular step to your daily routine and stick to it until it shows some results. Try not to be desperate and give it some time without expecting any results in 4 to 8 weeks. 8 weeks is a normal span to see slight results. Practicing will be incomplete without adding consistency. It is the key to results. If you are inconsistent and working for 10 years and seeing results you can see those results in being consistent for 1 year. It is not about motivation all the time but being disciplined is more important motivation will lose at some point but discipline will allow you to be consistent. Focus on changeable goals that make you able to shift and modify to achieve your goals. These goals can help you to grow personally and professionally. It can be your strength and satisfaction.

RECORD. your progress is as important as practicing it helps you to analyze your progress and tells you if you are doing it correctly, how close you are to achieving your desired goal and if you are achieving or losing it. In this step, you can alter your goals according to your aptitude. This is the step where you alter your changeable plans to get the best out of you. Tracking your progress motivates you to do further tasks. It is the way for you to get to know about the hurdles you are getting in your way and also plans to overcome those hurdles. If you have reached your short-term goal you can simply add more to fasten your growth. If you stick with only one plan you can never be able to grow fast. Changing plans and modifying them to step forward is the way to get enjoyable results. The best way to track your progress is to visualize your goals and compare them with your current progress and notify them accordingly. Make your journal to revise them later.

REVISE. It means to stick to your routine by committing yourself to your desired results and being focused. Sticking to a routine/plan also means being consistent with whatever you are doing. Revising your tasks will make you unrecognizable. Remember good things take time and it is consistency that will help you to keep going. It always requires time to do difficult stuff so continue doing it. It is a continuous process until you achieve your results. By doing these simple steps you will achieve all the desired results you want in your life.


Personal development is a subject that can be discussed very widely. It includes building your character or enhancing your wealth. It helps you to become the best version of yourself.

There are some categories under which all types of personal development falls

  • Intellectual development
  • Spiritual development
  • Emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Professional development/finance
  • Relation development
  • Character development
  • Leadership skills development

No matter how much you are busy Personal Development is important.


This is the first and foremost step in personal development. Intellectual Development is related to the ability to grow, upgrade yourself, ability to solve problems, observe the stuff, remember the stuff and implement it. The rate of change varies with time and harsh changes in your life. Intellectual Development starts at a very early age. One must take care of their intellectual development. Intellectual development includes

  • Read biographies
  • Read autobiographies
  • Listen to informational videos on YouTube
  • Listen to Podcast
  • Mastering your skills professionally will soothe your mind.
  • Meditate
  • Think big
  • Create life plan
  • Be grateful
  • Get affectionate friends

 This category in meaning varies from person to person. Spiritual Development is something that gives you peace internally. It helps to connect yourself to true yourself. It helps discover you’re inner you. This category is sometimes misunderstood by religion. Doing stuff for yourself. There are several many ways to develop yourself spiritually

  • Being Charitable
  • Helping others for your sake
  • Listen to the inner you
  • Practice Humanity
  • Spread hope
  • Practice Meditation
  • Pray frequently
  • Do Read your Holy book
  • Practice Journaling
  • Practice mindfulness
  • study
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Do positive affirmations
  • Surround positive people
  • Learn to forgive
  • Be kind and giving

This is the capacity to understand, manage one’s own emotions and manage meaningful relationships. This is also called Integrative Process. Here are the processes and techniques which you exhibit to develop emotional skills:

  • Display self-control
  • Do your journal
  • Write your thoughts will control your emotions
  • Tracking your mood
  • Talk to your friend
  • Get a counselor
  • Listen and pay attention
  • Aware of other person’s feeling
  • Show affection to familiar people
  • Self-regulation
  • Don’t fear alone time
  • Face your fears

Physical Development is the growth of the outer or the inner body both. As for other developments, this also includes the proper development at an early age but in the later phase, we can manage it by practicing certain steps. It is the coordination between the physical and muscle. Physical Development is not about exercising. It is much more than exercise

  • Proper sleep
  • Proper diet
  • Proper stretching
  • Being active
  • Regular checkups by the doctor
  • Exercise daily
  • Practice self-care
  • Know your body
  • Eat healthily
  • Increase water intake
  • Take regular breaks daily

Professional development is important to survive in your day-to-day life. It provides you necessities of life. If you want to upgrade your life without this step you cannot upgrade yourself. To get all the basics in the best manner. It is coordinated with every aspect of your life.

  • Educate yourself
  • Get a good job
  • Own your business
  • Research
  • Always do your best at work
  • Skills matters
  • Fulfill responsibilities
  • Do side hustle
  • Don’t waste your time.

Social skills are all about communication skills. Enhancing communication skills and interacting with people verbally and non-verbally ultimately enhance social skills. This is the most important area to be practiced. In my opinion, this area is most seen. There are some ways to enhance social skills

  • Listening carefully
  • Take interest in them
  • Get along with others
  • Stay calm with others
  • Feel free to ask for help
  • Ignore Distractions
  • Sharing
  • Cooperating
  • Respect personal space
  • Eye contacts
  • Open-ended questions
  • Give compliments
  • Share your experience
  • Give your suggestion

Character development is a development to get a clear personality and motivation. It is as important as any other area for development. It changes most of the time with experiences of life and difficulties you face. Challenges, hopes, and situations alter the character of a person. But some daily life habits can change character towards positivity.

  • Reading habits
  • Visualize your success
  • Journaling
  • Make good use of time
  • Measure improvements
  • Learn new skill
  • Tracking your progress

leadership skills are a set of habits that makes a person leader in any organization fulfill a project. A leader influences their employees to be more disciplined and perform their tasks more efficiently. They are calm people who handle problems effectively. They are the people that help people to get more out of themselves.

  • Build an audience.
  • Show your value
  • Be creative
  • Be socially active
  • Find a mentor
  • Start building influence
  • Build an audience


To get a full snap of this category 7 to 9 hours of sleep is essential. A proper diet most of the time is essential. Physical development is essential to get the most out of this life. This affects the whole future of an individual. Some need further development some are developing. No matter how much skilled you are there is always a space to modify yourself.