Becoming that girl means becoming the best version of yourself and getting the most out of your life. THAT GIRL is living the aesthetic life and living as the main character. She is having immaculate energy. This form has already been in this world but over the past few months, this term has been named THAT GIRL.

 This term is related to improving you on self. Living the best possible life by struggling willingly and aesthetically at the same time. When you are willing to struggle and enjoy it at the same time, it no more feels like hard work. When you start enjoying your journey, you will reach your goal faster.

It focuses on maintaining your daily life routines and making them effective like waking up earlier and doing the most important tasks of the day before starting your day like taking part in your side hustle, doing meditations and yoga, hitting the gym, and reading. In my opinion, becoming that girl is one of the best concepts that originate so far. It is all about maintaining healthy habits and reaching your goal.


One thing to keep in mind, becoming that girl is not a goal but it is a journey that you need to follow with discipline. Here are some of the areas of life where you can work to become that Girl.


Your external appearance tells a lot about your personality. The first impression any person makes about you is half of the time based upon your Physical appearance, the way you have dressed, and the confidence you are carrying tells a lot about you.

Workout. More than 50% of girls are concerned about their body shape and are unsatisfied because of it. They are not confident about that and have always to select body-friendly clothes to hide their body shape. Workout not only gives you the confidence to wear anything you want to wear but also improves your health and you are more active than before and perform your daily task actively. It improves the quality of your mood and you will be ecstatic all day.

Maintained Diet. Your diet can make your day or ruins it. A person who is not having his meals properly ultimately lacks energy for his daily tasks. A normal diet we are having cannot fulfill your body’s requirements. Plan your diet according to the need of your body. Not Everyone can have the same diet in the same home. But it is a culture to have a typical food every other day. A person who lacks vitamins can have a vitamin-rich diet and so a person who needs a high protein-rich diet can have a diet accordingly.

Focus on your body care. Our body is our home. If we don’t take care of our homes they will get dusty. Similarly, our body needs care and attention daily. Follow daily skin care to get a glow on your face, and follow weekly skincare to freshen your skin. Take care of your feet and hands, shower regularly, and hydrate your skin. Make a separate schedule for your skincare and body care and follow it accordingly. Focus on your clothes and wear nice shoes. People subconsciously notice your shoes first and actually, most of the people do not focus on wearing nice shoes.

Drink water. Everybody here already knows the importance of having water. It freshens your mind, and gives you energy. You work better by having water. Additionally, it has positive impacts on your body, face, and hair. Half of the hydration you get from water.


Without Money cannot buy happiness. Make sure you have a crazy amount of money before saying this bullshit. Of course, you can survive without money but to make your life thrilling, entertaining, and memorable you must have a lot of money to spend into. Everyone here wants a good space to live in, fancy food to eat, branded clothes to wear, and to spend their vacations in the Maldives. What a luxurious life. Any person can have this lifestyle just by improving this mindset.

For example, there is a person who has made himself limited in that he will get into a high school, completes his education, and then work in an office 9-5 in which he will get a salary that will bear his needs only. On the other hand, a person who is planning his life accordingly and is willing to do extra effort happily will achieve it. It is all about mindset and planning.

Do Journaling. Journaling is a term used when a person writes down his goals and achievement. It is the life goal that is further integrated into yearly goals which are further integrated into monthly, weekly, and daily goals. It most of the time deals with the accomplishment of daily goals that will lead you to achieve your life goal. A person who does a journal writes all of his daily goals in a paper and tries to manage his day in such a way that he achieves id daily goal.

Adding Discipline to Your Life. THAT GIRL is all about discipline. If you don’t have discipline in your life you can never become THAT GIRL without adding discipline in your life. If your life lacks discipline you can never change or add any habit to your routine and ultimately remains where you are broken and disappointed.

Positive Attitude. Your attitude is everything. Your positive attitude will take you higher and makes you successful. At the same time, you can destroy everything with your lazy attitude. A positive attitude is your positive thinking in every situation. A person who is hopeful about every situation even if the situation is difficult. It includes changing your thinking from the negative to the positive side and forcing your brain to stick to it. It also includes appreciating and celebrating your success and being happy about your success and others’ success.


Being creative is directly linked to your success. It improves the quality of your work and relaxes you at the same time. Being creative means that you can generate new thoughts and ideas which solve your daily problems. It all starts with your imagination. You, first, imagine the solution and then try to implement it to solve the problem. It makes you innovative which helps you to broaden your views and enhance your mindset.

Make time for yourself. A person who is stuck in the daily hectic routines of his life easily gets stressed and forgot to take breaks timely but THAT GIRL takes time to relax and gives some of her time to herself. The ultimate goal is to discover yourself and listens to your body. There are several ways to take time for yourself. The best way is to isolate yourself from the rest of the world and listen to your thoughts while having a cup of tea. It will give you a sense of peace and satisfaction.

Have Fun. Do not always submerge in the world of stress. It will alleviate your stress level and you are less likely to have anxiety. There is a famous saying by Paul Tsongas, a Politician: “No one on his deathbed ever said, I wish I had spent more time at the office”

Follow a Hobby. Everyone should have a hobby to follow. A hobby is something you do to make you ecstatic. There is a benefit to a hobby which is it reduces your negative stress and promotes eustress, stress which is healthy for your work, and ultimately improves the quality of your life. It improves your focus and helps you to deal with the challenges of your life. In the hobby, you are doing work or stressing yourself and making yourself happy at the same time which is the ultimate goal of THAT GIRL working while enjoying. Pursuing a hobby also helps you to keep alive your physical and mental health.


In this area, there is no debate about specific knowledge but a discussion about general knowledge about different areas of life and especially a discussion on how to grow healthy and wealthy. It is about knowing the facts and figures, and principles of society. Learning how this society works. It helps you to enhance your communication skills and helps you to be innovative at the same time.

Read Books. Reading books can never go unbeneficial. Once you start the habit of reading books then you will get to know about the advantages of this habit. This is one of those habits whose advantages can only be seen in the long term. Books can change your whole personality. “I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book” by J.K. Rowling.  Books can improve the quality of your focus and makes your memory better. It broadens your perspective about this whole world. It helps to build vocabulary and as a result, your communication skills improve. Reading biographies and autobiographies is one of the top listed stuff billionaires do. THAT GIRL should adopt this habit to get bossy.

Listen to podcasts. Listening to podcasts is like feeding your brain with positive affirmations. Your body becomes the food you eat and your brains become the words you listen to. Feed your brain with a healthy diet. Podcasts are of different types like meditation, comedy, and educational podcasts. You can listen to them according to your mood and desire. Your brain is affected differently by listening to different types of podcasts.

Watch inspirational content. Your brain becomes active when it comes to watching a video. Your senses of hearing and seeing become active when you watch a video. Inspirational videos compel you to perform your tasks. It serves as a motivation to you. Motivation is the fuel to start performing your daily tasks. It should be a part of your daily routine.


You cannot be the best possible version of yourself without evolving your mindset. It is up to you which mindset you are going to work on either a positive mindset or a growth mindset. A general way to do it is to learn from your mistakes and not commit such mistakes again. You can also ask for feedback from your fellows. Shift your mindset from fixed to growth and you will see a huge change in your life with a minor change in your life.

Travel. Traveling helps you to come across different people with different cultures and lifestyles. It allows you to know about different regional activities and you can participate in them. You can observe their life, pros, and cons related to their lifestyle. You can solve a lot of mysteries of life by traveling and can define the meaning of life. Your brain adapts new ideas and carves new pathways for further experiences. Traveling helps in improving your mental health and you can explore new things by trying them in a different manner you can enhance your creativity.

Educate Yourself. This education can be formal. When you expose yourself to several people of your age doing different tasks to accomplish several types of goals. You are exposing yourself to different minds and can choose the best one out of them. You can learn from their mistakes and can improve yourself by not repeating those mistakes. One of the best ways to start your life is by considering all the pros and cons by checking up on others’ life.

Move out of your comfort zone. THAT GIRL always works with discipline and gets out of her comfort zone to accomplish her tasks. It is essential to stick to your routine and do tasks no matter what happens. It will be worth it. A person who stays in his comfort zone is unable to achieve anything in his life. Achievement starts with moving out of your comfort zone. Important tasks are always difficult to start. When you move out of your comfort zone your success journey exactly starts from there.

Conclusion. In the nutshell, THAT GIRL is living the best life no matter in what phase of life she is living. She is enjoying her life while continuing to be the best herself. You have only one life and you have the right to live your life to the fullest. What is your opinion on this?

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