Most people are still stuck in 2020. It was the time when corona started and people are still mentally living in the past. There are certainly many reasons why we are stuck in the past. One of the major reasons is unemployment and many other losses which have not been fulfilled even now.

Let’s keep life back on track because it is an era of technology and we have to go with the flow. We cannot stay behind. Before starting, there are certain things that I want you to keep in mind. You have to do hard work. You cannot see changes doing the same stuff again and again. To make changes in your life, you have to change your routine and add new disciplines to your life to see changes in the future. DO NOT DO THE SAME SHIT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND EXPECT DIFFERENT RESULTS.

 It takes a lot to change your life, it is not easy but the people who are committed to changing their life will achieve it because they were dedicated and despite their hard work and struggle, they were consistent. Roads to your goals are never easy but when you start enjoying them, it will be easy for you to keep going. Once you see the result, the hangover of success will drive you crazy.


Organizing your life has many advantages. You can get annoyed and irritated while doing them or may your short-term goals affected but you can see long-term advantages by organizing your life.

  • You will feel happier.
  • You can achieve most of your goals in less time.
  • In this way, less life stress hits you.
  • You are more relaxed.
  • You are more motivated.
  • Your productivity will increases.
  • You can prioritize your important tasks.
  • You can save a lot of your time.
  • You start feeling an aesthetic sense.
  • You start believing in yourself.
  • You are more confident than ever.


These are some simple steps to organize your life. Also, some habits to add to your daily life routine to get the most out of your life.

START WITH A LIFE ASSESSMENT. Without life assessments, you cannot get to know in which area of life you want improvement, if you do not know your flaws how will you change them? Identify your weak areas and find healthy habits to replace them with your strengths. For this purpose, you may take a week or several days. Start by noticing your routine and the problems you are facing in your life. This is the sign for you to recognize the root cause and eradicate it. The more you are aware of yourself, the better you can do the analysis.

 You are reading this blog, and that’s obviously because you are unhappy with your life or you want to change a little part of your life. Another way of life assessment is your future goals, in this case, you forget the present and focus on the person you want to be to achieve your goals.

For example, you are a fat chubby guy who wants to look like Chris Evans. You have a goal in your mind and you are not focusing on the person you are now. But you are going to set a routine to go to the gym daily. You are building a new habit and after a year will achieve your goal.

SETTING A PLAN. Planning is important before getting into something. In that way, you will not get off the track and will focus on the things that are going to work for you.  Plan your path accordingly and focus on building routines. Planning reveals your strength and weaknesses and you can work more efficiently on your goals.

 The best way to plan is by starting to visualize yourself and asking where want to be in the next 5 years. When you get the answer start integrating it further into where you will be in 1 year to achieve your goal in 5 years and months and weeks and at last your daily routine. This is the best criterion so far that has been discovered. Any Goal which is not planned cannot be accomplished. Overnight success is a scam, you have to start today for your 5 years ahead plans. Another important thing is to make your visions clear to avoid putting your efforts into unnecessary areas.

Planning will lead you to make routines. Routines are what you are going to follow to make progress. Now, that your goal has been integrated into life routines. It has become easy for you to work on it.

IMPLEMENTING YOUR PLAN. Implementing a plan is actually what you want. The steps before implementation work as a primer for your implementation. Implementation brings a change in the areas where you want to see improvements. Implementation converts your imagination into reality with the help of some actions.

Some techniques should be discussed for the implementation of the plan. We all know that it takes almost 21 days to build a routine and we have almost 6 to 7 plans to implement to organize ourselves. Don’t rush into things. Go step by step follows one task at a time. Pick a routine or habit you want to adapt and stick to it to see results. Bad habits of 20-25 years are not going to change in 1 week.

Use planners and journals to keep on track. Write your daily goals on the planner and after waking up go through them. It creates an urge to do your daily tasks and motivates you for the whole day. It will reduce your stress and you will be more confident for the whole day.

You can also set alarms to be productive. Also, do not forget to put your phone in focus mode to avoid distractions. Make sure to prioritize your important tasks so will be motivated to do the rest. In another case, you can skip your unimportant task and focus on what you want the most.

STAY CONSISTENT. Consistency refers to the situation in which you are feeling low or demotivated but you are disciplined enough to do that task anyway. If you cannot be motivated all the time stay consistent. Your consistency will bring your motivation back. Your mood or your urge to achieve something is not what is considered to get something. It is your discipline that will benefit you. In consistency, you are dedicating yourself to your goals and achievements and forgetting your emotions. Your whole focus is on your targets.

Some people prefer perfection over consistency. It means following the unrealistic routine once a week and for the rest of the days of the week staying unproductive. Remember, No one is perfect, You can be perfect but for a little time as there is always room for improvement. It is preferred to add a little task to your daily routines instead of catching unrealistic goals. When you are staying consistent you are exposing yourself to more opportunities than ever.

Consistency allows you to get out of your comfort zone and focuses on long-term goals. When you come out of your comfort zones and start worrying about your long-term goals that’s where your success begins.

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. Tracking your progress is the way to measure your success. Measuring success is important as it tells you how far you have come. You can increase your speed by identifying the factors that are working. Implement them, again and again, to boast your performance. You can also drop things that are consuming your time and not benefitting you. Remember, Focus on the results (output) instead of the hours you are working (input).

You can get to know about the hurdles you are facing and can remove them by implementing certain strategies. Tracking progress also allows you to create realistic and achievable goals. It improves your productivity and you become motivated.

There are many ways to track progress but you can have a planner in which you have listed your goals, and you can evaluate how far you have come. What are the things that help you to reach there? This is done on a weekly level or higher level you can choose accordingly and should track your progress more often. You can also use notepad on your phone to track your progress. In this way, you have your planner in your hand and you can check whenever you want.

CONCLUSION. In compressing all of the above information, when you organize your life you will see drastic changes. It improves every area of your life. You will be able to compensate for all

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