Put your head down for 6 months and follow these habits with consistency. That will put you 6 months forward and your most of your life goals can be achieved if you hook up with these habits. If don’t then at least I assure you, you will become satisfied with your life. You have reached there because you are not satisfied with what is going on in your life and you want everything to change. Before starting the only thing I am focusing on is discipline. The beauty of discipline is even if you are not motivated or want to do it, it is the discipline that helps you to get over yourself.


  • Following are some of the habits which you are going to add to your life to transform yourself in 3 to 6 months. Give them time and follow them with consistency even if you are not seeing results these are some of the habits that will definitely pay off.
  • Lift weights.
  • Hydrate yourself.
  • Clear your skin.
  • Reduce screen timing.
  • Make some money.
  • Increase your style.
  • Learn eye contact.
  • Wake up earlier.
  • Stay happy and embrace change.
  • Stay consistent.

Lift Weights. When you see changes in your body externally, it makes a huge change in your personality. You are automatically 3x attractive and healthier than any normal person. No matter if you see any changes or not it is all about consistency. You will soon love your body and it will be a part of your life. Another merit of hitting the gym is you began to eat healthily and these small changes in your daily routine will make you love yourself and makes you more confident no matter what you wear. It also boasts your personality and also makes you healthy at the same time. What else is required when you are becoming healthier and sexier at the same time? The biggest flex is no you start enjoying it. Hit the gym at least 4 times a week and eat healthily.

Hydrate Yourself. Hydration is important for your whole body no matter if it is for your healthy brain or healthy skin. Hydration improves your body’s energy level and you become more active. As most of the portion of your brain is composed of water it also boasts up the brain’s performance. You can be more alert and focus better on everything. It also improves your motivation level and now you can concentrate better on your tasks. Drinking water can help you to get a balanced body weight by flushing out all the toxins present in your body. You will also notice the beneficial change in your digestion. The portion of drinking water may shift from person to person but at least 8 glasses of water can help you to reach your desired water for the day. Another tip is to drink water throughout the day instead of drinking it all at once.

Clear Your Skin. Schedule your skincare routine twice a day in the morning and at night. Choose products that work best for you. If you are a beginner then this tip is for you your skincare does not need to be 10 steps it can only be 2 to 3 steps but all you have to do is follow it every single day. Even a gap of one time can affect it. It allows you to look presentable in front of everyone. You are more confident with healthy skin. A person who is not committed to his skin care will probably hide his face whenever he meets someone and always be shy or may refuse to step out of the house. If you have established the routine, it will be easier for you to stick to a routine and as time passes your skin will be even more glowing than before.

Reduce Screen Timings. Too much screen time can affect you very badly, it changes the way of your think. It can affect your sleep cycle very badly which may result in increased body weight. Screen timing can shift your mindset easily and as a result, you lack focus and concentration. Not only adults but children of this age are also affected due to it. If it is overused, it may be a cause of anxiety and depression. Your expectations towards life enhanced out of nowhere. It is a barrier between reality and your expectations. But you can limit it according to your working hours. Do not use it for over 2 hours and nourish your brain with positivity instead of submitting negative thoughts in your brain. A person who has control over his actions tends to have a strong mindset. You are what you think. Your actions are depending upon your thoughts. So think positive, live positive.

Make Some Money. Take 4 to 6 months to learn a new skill and master it with time. Mastering it till it makes you money. You can earn in several ways but selling skills to earn is the best form of earning. A person who is independent, and earns on his own, is positively impacted in many ways. His personality is enhanced in several ways and you can take your own life decisions. All of the responsibility of your life is in your hands now. There are several many ways of earning, you can choose whatever you love to do. Never force yourself to choose a career you do not interested in. In that way, your whole lie you will be fatigued and stressed about your job but if your career is according to your choice you will ultimately work hard and be passionate about it.

Increase Your Style. Improve your style by implementing what works best for you. Style is not always about your clothing but clothing is the major aspect that can transform your whole personality. Another major aspect is how you carry everything you wear. Always wear nice, clean and comfortable clothes. Smell nice this is how everyone remembers you as it is said that smells play an important role in memories. Choose warm or bright colors according to your skin tone and check what works best for you the best tip for increasing your style is the trial and error method. Try new things, check what works best for you, keep it, and eliminate what does not. Repeat the cycle again and again until you are satisfied. Always wear well-fitted clothes as fitting makes everything.

Learn Eye Contact. Eye contacts are a major part of your body language. It shows your strong personality as a whole. Also, eye contacts leave marks of confidence. Remember not to confuse eye contact with gaze. Appropriate eye contact and maintained time are important otherwise it makes the situation awkward as a result person can feel uncomfortable. Eye contact is the natural way of communication and it helps to transmit your message more clearly. In that way, you are more likely to engage people with yourself and get the attention you want. It demonstrates you as a sincere person who is engaged in an important conversation. On the other hand, a person who breaks eye contact and is habitual of it is ruining his personality unintentionally it is a sign of closed body language that you are not willing to interact with anymore.

Wake Up Early. Wake up early every day and follow your daily early morning routine for a fresh start to the day. In that way, you will get ready for the day for the whole day’s tasks and it motivates you to accomplish your daily goals. A person who is an early riser is more satisfied with his life than a person who stays in bed late. When you wake up early, you have more than normal time to do your tasks which improves your mental health. A person who wakes up early is more energetic and active the whole day. It is the best time to start new habits and stick with them until you see your desired results. It is the best way to make you punctual and you can manage your time more easily than before.

Stay Happy and Embrace Change. The goal is to be happy and satisfied with your life. No matter how much you have achieved. Love yourself with all your flaws. Most people think if I will achieve this goal of mine, I will be happy. You need to understand your goal is to be happy with or without achieving that goal. Be happy. The glow of happiness hit differently. You will generate your self-respect and ultimately a strong personality. Embrace all the changes happening in your life. Life is uncontrollable. Things happen out of your control. Even if you are not willing they just happen. Learn to go with the flow and detach all those things from you. Embracing change helps you to move forward. The faster you embrace, the faster you move forward.

Stay Consistent. When it comes to transforming your life, consistency is the key to getting your desired results. When you are not motivated it is consistency that forces you to show up and it brings back all your motivation. It teaches you discipline and makes you self-controlled which improves your overall personality and makes your mindset stronger. When you become consistent, you curve more pathways for yourself and ultimately it becomes easy for you to reach your destination. It is human nature to expect faster results but good things take time.


Remember, transformation is the journey it is not the goal. Treat it as a journey so you will add them for your whole life with you and see the best possible long-lasting results. Once you see even the slightest results, you will crave further results. It is never achieving process which means no matter how far you have come there will be always room for improvement. Follow all the above tips with dedication and you will soon see drastic results. What are the important aspects of your life where you want to work?

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