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Morning routines, if part of your daily routine, can transform your life in many ways. Morning routines are some of the habits which you perform at the start of the day. These are basic habits that revolutionized your whole life. Each habit takes 15 minutes or less but it can have great impacts on your life. Most successful people have a morning routine and they stick to this routine for years. Being successful is not a goal it is a journey. It is like a person who has achieved his one small goal in life will still stick to the routines to achieve his bigger life goals. It is all about not giving up on your dream and achieving your dream life. Success, if integrated into small pieces, is a collection of consistent habits.

Habits are important for every aspect of your life no matter if it is your personal life or professional life it plays a major role. The biggest flex of habits is you can anytime adopt new habits, and drop the bad ones out of your life. You can also be consistent with your habits to see the major changes in your life.


Here are some of the morning habits that will revolutionize your life but the key is to be consistent with these habits until you see results:

  • Sleep Early and Wake Up Early
  • Make Your Bed
  • Pray
  • Do Journal
  • Read Books or Listen to Podcasts
  • Move Your Body
  • Meditate
  • Take a Shower and Brushing Your Teeth
  • Have High Protein Breakfast

      Sleep Early and Wake up Early: If you are following the journey to be successful. It will be accomplished if you wake up early as it has many major impacts on your whole body whether it is your mental health or physical health. A healthy sleeping span is 6 to 8 hours depending upon the need of your body. This need can be shifted from day to day depending upon the tiredness of your day. You don’t need 8 hours daily. You need to listen to your body. Waking up early has the following benefits  

      • Your brain cells grow.
      • It makes you healthier.
      • It makes you energetic.
      • It makes stress free.
      • Your motivation level increases.
      • It improves your focus.
      • Your habit of overthinking can be eliminated.

      Try to go to bed at 10 pm it is the time when your body heals faster than any other time of the night. Stay away from screens for at least 1 hour before sleep. It can disturb your sleep cycle or you may sleep in restlessness. These are some basic changes that sometimes you do not notice but they can impact your life majorly. As long as you do not follow them you cannot be amazed by the benefits of these habits.

      Make Your Bed: Making a bed is apparently the simplest task but there is a whole book written on it. It gives you a sense of completion of the very first task of the day. It will make you motivated for the further tasks of the day to be accomplished. Your brain receives joy and began to ready for the next task. After accomplishing the next task you will be motivated to do the next and so on at the end of the day, you will have completed all the necessary tasks of the day. It helps you to be on track to do all the tasks

      It instantly wakes you up by doing a simple task and you feel more organized after that one step. It improves your focus and you feel relaxed and stress-free. In short, making your bed is a simple yet powerful step that makes your morning productive.

      Pray: Praying is important no matter what religion you are belonging to, it makes you a better person and keeps you away from all the negativities of your surroundings. Prayer is helpful to broaden your perspective and it evolves your mindset. Your perspective to see things totally changes when you start praying. Make it a part of your daily routine for a healthy start to your day. When you pray in the morning your whole day is impacted by it.

      It helps you to stay away from any wrong and your decision-making ability improves. You can decision well by considering your religious limitations in your mind. You understand the purpose of your life and your goals seem to be realistic when you have strong faith in God. It helps you to stay calm in every situation which further builds your character. It reduces unnecessary stress in your life. It also improves your emotional health.

      Do Journal: Journaling means jotting down your thoughts or whatever is in your mind to get a clear vision of them. It is about your daily goal and what you are going to accomplish in your whole day. It is something that is related to your life goal. Journaling can be of different types which helps you to release stress related to your work and you now have a list of to-do’s which you are doing today to get close to your life goal. When you journal about your day you are less likely to waste your time and you are killing your procrastination at the same time.

      Journaling allows you to improve your focus and at the end of the day, you will be satisfied with your progress for the whole day. With journaling, you become motivated for all the tasks of the day.

      Read Books or Listen to a Podcast: Reading a book means any life-changing book that has an impact on your life. It could be someone’s biography or autobiography or life-changing book that can change your life. When you read the books it helps you to learn about the problems of their life and how they solve them. It gives you a lesson that how you are coping with your life problems. It also helps you to dig new pathways for life goals. It also broadens your life perspective.

      Whenever you see something on your phone or anything it makes a circle around you about the things you are seeing but reading books totally differs your way to think. You began to think beyond your restricted circle which means it makes your mindset evolve. Your capability to notice things differently. Your communication skills improve. You become more persuasive and can explain your point of view more clearly. It improves your personality as a whole.

      If you are not a bookish person you can shift to podcasts. Podcasts have different genres as in books you can go with whatever you like to listen but I suggest you listen to life-changing podcasts that will benefit you your whole life.

      Move Your Body: Moving your body in the morning also boast your brain capability. It increases your brain cell. It also releases the endorphin hormone which is released during the time of pleasure and makes you happy. Moving your body also makes you active and you are more self-confident now. It also gives you time to relax and feel stress-free. It allows you to take a break from the responsibilities of your life and get relaxed. Even a walk of 10 minutes can impact your life in the long term if consistency has been maintained.

      Moving your body is further split into further different tasks. It could be yoga, working out, running, walking, stretching, or other exercises. You can choose according to your desire and body needs. All these categories impact your brain in the same way and improve the quality of your life.

      Meditate: Meditation makes your mind clear from unnecessary thoughts and helps you to improve your focus. It also directed your focus to all the important things and keeps you away from putting effort into unnecessary stuff. Meditation should be minimum of 10 minutes if you are a beginner and increases it depending upon your capacity. It allows you to focus on your present and in that way you become free from overthinking and reduces the negative thoughts which are holding you back in your life. Meditation also increases your creativity level and allows you to be productive. It also increases your capacity to deal with stress. Some people thought it reduces stress but it strengthens your mind to deal with stress.

      One of the drawbacks of meditation is you will not see the progress in a few days. It will take you months and months to see slight changes in yourself. It basically impacts your mental health and gives you peace. It teaches you to be patient and consistent to see results. You have to continue doing it with discipline.

      Take a Shower and Brushing Your Teeth: Taking a shower in the morning relieves your stress level and makes you feel fresh instantly. It helps to wake you up and makes you active for the whole day. A cold shower after an intense workout is necessary to relieve your muscles. It relaxes your muscles and aid to improve your muscle fatigue. It also boosts your energy level for the whole day to do your important tasks of the day. Showers are considered important to make your skin healthy and fresh. When you take shower you get rid of all the body toxins otherwise they can accumulate in your body and makes you sick.

      Brushing your teeth helps you to get rid of many mouth diseases and makes you more confident about yourself. It is suggested to brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand as brushing with a non-dominant hand makes you creative and improves your performance of the day. It also freshens your breath to make you awake.

      Have High Protein Breakfast: High protein breakfast and a heavy breakfast are totally two different terms often people are suggested to have a heavy breakfast to make them active all day long but the reality is heavy and unhealthy breakfast makes you lethargic. The most recommended breakfast is high protein which makes actually and regulates your glucose level for all day. It boosts your energy and makes you productive all day long. It also helps you to maintain your maintained body weight. It is also good for your bones and the overall health of your body. On the other hand, high fats have totally reversed all the benefits and have adverse effects on your body.

      Conclusion: In a nutshell, a productive day is when your morning is productive. A productive morning is when you do all the secondary tasks of the day in the morning in a shorter time and in that way, you have your whole day to focus on your primary goal. People think giving 2-3 hours of the day to them is a waste as an important task could be done in this time but the reality is you waste time the whole day and is stressed to do these secondary tasks. What is your opinion about this routine and how it will be helpful to you?

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