Organizing your life is not the decision that you take but it is the habit that you have to adapt to be organized. To organize your life you have to change up new things, and add new things to your life but some of it has stayed the same. Everyone here wants to organize his life. No matter how organized you are there will be still room for improvement. I am here to give an overview of how I plan everything. It will inspire you and help you with your planning. There is a misconception that I can never be organized. All it is required consistency and planning to be organized. No matter what you are doing in your life organization is required to do your tasks perfectly.


Here are some of the ways you can organize your life.

Change Your Mindset. Changing your Mindset is one of the primary steps to organizing your life. It is not a difficult task you can alter your thinking to change your mindset. You are what you think. Your way of living life and achieving your goals totally depends upon your thinking. You can replace your messy routines with productive ones by changing your mindset and productive routines lead you to be a productive and organized person.

A person who wakes up late will continue to do so until a sudden urge will come to his mind and it alters his way of thinking.

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Journaling. Jot down everything, don’t rely on your memory. When you shift your focus, you forget a little piece of information. This is how our brain works. When you do not write the tasks you want to accomplish in a fixed span, there are 90% chances you will forget some of them.

 I started journaling probably 2 years ago and it is something I still do. Most people even now take journaling fancy but you can do it the way you want. I simply write down all the weekly tasks and then integrate them into daily tasks. This helps me to be productive for the whole day long and makes me motivated to accomplish all the tasks of the day. Often when you wake up you are burdened with all stuff you got to do for a day. Journaling is the way to untangle your thoughts and give you a direction to start your day and ultimately you will achieve your daily goal on time.

There are also other benefits of journaling as it makes you creative, you can manage your time better than ever, it improves the quality of your mood, and it improves your memory. If you want to achieve long-term goals and you are blank start journaling it allows you to integrate your long-term goals into short ones. In that way, by achieving short terms goals repeatedly you will achieve your long-term goal.

Prioritize Your Important Tasks. Prioritizing is important for you to stay on track. What I do is prioritize the 3 most important tasks of the day and schedule them in a way to accomplish them before anything else. You will be stress-free after accomplishing them. It will give you the energy to accomplish the rest of the unaccomplished tasks. The best tip here is to force yourself to do important tasks even if you are not feeling like doing them.

Prioritizing will help you to stay focused and you are less distracted as you are motivated to do them. The more you are distracted, the less will be your motivation. It will allow you to accomplish more in less time as it increases your efficiency level.

Prioritizing your tasks has a reason that is doing your most important tasks before your unimportant task. I highly recommend you do them early in the morning. As time passes by your energy will begin to drain and you start stressing and become overwhelmed with the guilt of not doing it.

Here is how to prioritize your important tasks

  • Write a list of your all to-do’s
  • Highlight what is urgent and it should be what affect your long-term goals most
  • Mark them and set time limitations to accomplish them.

Schedule Everything and Set Deadlines. When we use the term organize it means you are making 100% accurate use of your time and you manage your time only by setting boundaries. Scheduling is often misunderstood with the term journaling. Journaling means specifying the tasks but scheduling means specifying the time to accomplish these specific tasks at that specific time.

Scheduling and Setting Deadlines work together when you schedule something you make a deadline to accomplish that task before that specific time. It creates a sense of urgency to do your tasks on time. You get to know what time you have and how to make use of that time fully. In that way, you will spend appropriate time on appropriate things. The purpose of scheduling is to make yourself productive.

During Scheduling, there are some tips to keep in your mind to make it effective

  • Know your peak productivity hours to schedule the most important tasks of the way at that time.
  • Schedule in such a way you have to do one task at a time.
  • Make realistic goals.
  • Set similar tasks together as the brain takes time to shift from one task to another.

Don’t Procrastinate. Here do not procrastinate means try your best not to procrastinate. All of us here know we cannot always be productive. It is okay to be lazy and lethargic sometimes. Without laziness, procrastination has no meaning. When you began to procrastinate and it becomes your habit, it will get difficult for you to get back to your routine. If you procrastinate for a long period of time you will become demotivated and stress can attack on you as a result of which you can lose your efficiency level.

One of the main reasons for procrastination is stress itself when you are stressed no matter what it is about if you are facing troubles in your personal life or you are stressed due to the excessive burden of work procrastination may hit you.

You can add up certain tasks to your routine to avoid procrastination. First of all, get to know that you are procrastinating. Most people are unable to know that they are procrastinating. Then, identify what is the root cause of your procrastination. After that, identify anti-procrastinating strategies in your case and take a small step towards it. Studies have proved that 10 minutes of dedicated and undistracted work will build your concentration. After 10 minutes, you will be able to work on your own. So the main step is to push yourself while procrastinating.

Hit The Gym Regularly. Working out has major effects on your life. It improves you physically, and mentally. Do exercise regularly and you will see the benefits in the long term. Once you start seeing the results you will become addicted to it. The beginning is always hard. I have been doing gym for 1 year and now it is the time when I am seeing clear results in my body. All you have to do is to identify what works for your body and start implementing it. Implement it again and again until you see your desired results.

It is all about getting to know what is benefitting you and what is not. Everyone’s body is different and it responds differently for everyone. So choose what works for you and stick to it. Do not stop if you are not seeing results fast you will get your desired results not immediately but definitely.

Doing Exercise tones your body. Most people are victims of body shaming. They are ashamed of how they look. Hitting the gym is the best criterion to overcome it. It improves your body health, your brain works faster, you are flooded with ideas, you are more active, you are more confident than ever, you can sleep better, it sparks your energy and most important motivates you to eat healthy food.

Self-Care. Self-care is all about caring for yourself and prioritizing yourself over others. Self-care makes you strong mentally and enhances your self-belief. It is all about maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself. Self-care is not selfishness it is self-love. When you prioritize yourself that means you are saying no to all the other shit of your life and choosing your peace over anything else.

It is a continuous process in which you kept caring about yourself and do whatever makes you happy. There are many forms of self-love in which you prioritize yourself again and again and it creates a sense of aestheticism and you will become more satisfied about yourself than ever.

Conclusion. In the nutshell, organizing yourself is when you organize your life. When you work on yourself it is the best investment and you get fruitful results. When you are organized your surrounding will get organized simultaneously and ultimately you will get satisfied with your life. When you get satisfied with your life, what you are doing, and with the outcomes of your actions. YOU WIN. What do you think about how organizing helps in your success?

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