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Several times you may have noticed that some people are so organized and carefree with what they do. They, most of the time accomplish their daily goals and they are satisfied with them which reflects in their strong personality. This is not what happens to a person naturally but it is the result of their strong determination. They have mastered the skill of time management which as a result benefits them.

Time Management is an art that is used when you are scheduling your whole day. You can use the term doing your work productively before deadlines. One of the merits of time management skills is, it gets better and better with time. Another word for time management is being productive. In simpler words, when you prioritize your goals and intermixed them with your best time of the day, they take the least time to get done.


Time management is implemented in every area of your life, your personal life, professional life, family time, and holidays. The best results came out when you manage the time for everything. You do not need to be perfect, if you want to achieve anything in this universe all you have to do is to be determined. Do not underestimate your inner power and use it as a weapon to achieve your goals.

  • The advantages of time management are
  • You become organized.
  • You can easily recognize undone things.
  • It will boost your confidence.
  • Your time is spent on important things.
  • It increases your productivity.
  • You can achieve your goals more speedily.
  • You can track your progress.
  • It decreases your stress level.
  • Your inner energy came out.
  • It strengthens your personality.
  • Your free time is consumed productively.
  • Your work-Life Balance improved.
  • You can produce better quality work.


ADHD is a commonly occurring mental disorder in which people tend to forget about their deadlines and they find it difficult to focus on one thing at one point. They are often disorganized with their things and affected by anxiety several times. They lack motivation and their work schedule often does not work for them.

Time Management for ADHD is not easy and most of the time does not work for them. So, they have to make some additional efforts to manage their time. One of the best tips is to wear a wristwatch most of the time with them and jot down all the thoughts that come into your mind. Create a to-do list and make it handy so you can carry it everywhere. In that way, they will get to know which thing is need to be done at what time.


Over the past few years, I have read several books about time management and productivity, and here is the list of those top 6 tips and techniques which help in all fields of life.


The first thing you need to know is this time is yours and you are responsible for what is happening right now and what will be the best use of your time. When you become aware of this fact, your time will start managing on its own.  No one is going to force you to the best use of your time. Only you are responsible if you are wasting it. And only you are responsible to get yourself back to track.

At any given moment, you are doing what you most want to be doing. We are in control of our time and doing what we most want to do. If I don’t have time that is something that is not a priority. You are always free but you are not doing it, you aren’t prioritizing it. Make a habit to prioritize accurately so that your time will be consumed at the best place.


It is a technique by which you divide your day into several blocks and prioritize your task in each block. For example, you can divide your day into three different blocks and prioritize three tasks for each block and accomplish them in a given time. Elon Musk uses this technique to divide his whole day into 5-time blocks and prioritize accordingly. This technique works best when you want to avoid multitasking and focus on one main task.

When you what exactly you need to do and by when your management will get a lot easier. Everything works for you if you know where you need to put your efforts and set your deadlines to get it done on time. There are several many tools that you can use for this technique. You must have clarity about what you are doing and what are your goals.


Parkinson’s Law is defined as “Work Expand to fill the time available for its completion”. That means you will achieve your goals depending on the deadlines you create. If you have decided to do your specific task in one day, you will complete it in one day, but if you set a deadline for one hour you can accomplish it in one day. So, minimize your time to get it done as soon as possible. The more you delay your projects, the more you lose interest.

When this law is intermixed with time blocking, the best results can be expected. Make your time short and prioritize your tasks to get them done within a short time. In that way, you can expect the best possible results and your time will be managed effectively and efficiently. Find what works best for you and then implement them in your life by adding them to your daily routines.


It is your responsibility to manage your own time because no one else is going to do it for you so choose properly where you are going to spend your day. Saying no and yes is not only for persons but also for situations. When you are doing one task at the same time you are saying no to your other tasks. It is all about what you are prioritizing at that current moment.

It enhances your efficiency as you are spending time only where it is needed. It allows you to believe in yourself. Learning how to say no is an art everyone should master if they want to be successful. Prioritize yourself and if it feels wrong say no to it instantly. In that way, your time will be consumed correctly and you will focus on achieving your goals.


The task of the day is the most important task of the day and if it is done correctly and on time your goal of the day will be accomplished. The task of the day is going to be your main concern otherwise you will have tangled thoughts I had to do this, I had to do that and you will end up with nothing done at the end of the day. It can be two tasks but not more than two so you feel overwhelmed and loses your motivation.

In my opinion, it should be something related to your profession and not relevant to your personal life. Decide the task which takes you closer to your goals based on what you have planned to achieve in the next 5 years. An indication that you have chosen it correctly is at the end of the day, you are feeling satisfied.


When you have decided on your important task of the day your next concern is to journal various other tasks of the day. For that purpose, you can use a to-do list to write all of your goals and set deadlines to get them done on time. It is the general system used for productivity and you write down all of your ideas and don’t hold them in your brain. Most of the time you forget your tasks, the reason is that you haven’t written them and your mind skips them. let that happen if you really want to manage your time efficiently.

It does not matter what means you are using for journaling, it must be with you all the time so you can check up on them and not get distracted. But the most preferable means is to write it physically and keep it in your pocket.


Time management is a crucial topic about which most people are concerned that they cannot manage their life properly and end with stress and anxiety. You can manage your life by managing your time. So, here I have explained the top 6 ways to manage your time effectively. Just give try to all of them and then check what is working for you. Only add those tips in your life that works for you according to your life situations and make them part of your life routines.

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